Estate Planning

We help families plan their estates. Our plans range from complex trusts designed for tax and cost savings to simple, affordable plans for young families. Whatever your family and finances look like, we have a plan for you.

caregiver assistance

We help caregivers plan when their spouse or parent needs nursing home or other long term care. Sometimes, the work needed is estate planning or guardianship. Other times, we help the spouse or parent qualify for public benefits. Or, we might handle real estate or other transfers necessary to keep a house, farm or cabin in the family.



Probate & Estate Settlement

When a family member dies, we help personal representatives handle probates and trust settlements. In most cases, settlements are uncontested, and we assist administrators in confidently and efficiently settling the decedent’s affairs. When contested matters arise, we represent administrators and beneficiaries in ensuring the estate is handled properly.

Ready to get started?

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