Probate and Trust Administration

Probate done right


Experienced representation without breaking the bank.

We handle all types of probates, from estates with millions of dollars, multiple beneficiaries, and dozens of assets, to probates with a house and checking account. No matter the size of the estate we will handle your loved one's probate with the skill, compassion, and diligence you (and they) deserve.

Our philosophy is to give our personal representatives the tools they need to do most of the work themselves. We take care of court paperwork, help with major decisions, and make ourselves available as needed. 
The key part of our system is a complete, customized written guide we prepare and provide to the personal representatives. The guide has step by step instructions for completing their work in the probate and keeping records. We've found that when our clients have the tools they need to work efficiently, the work gets done more quickly, the relationships between beneficiaries remain solid, and the total cost stays low. 

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