Free Consultation

We use our initial meetings to learn about you and your needs, and to discuss possible solutions. If we can help, we’ll explain what we can do and what to expect next, and you choose whether to move forward.

Flat Fee Pricing

All of our estate planning and uncontested probate work is done on a flat fee, quoted up front. In our estate planning work, we generally offer two options—an affordable plan that meets all needs effectively, and a more involved plan that allows for cost and time savings in estate settlement. For more information on available estate plans, see our Estate Planning FAQ.

In uncontested estate settlements, we are able to provide a quote for the work necessary in every probate or trust settlement. If unexpected matters arise (for example, a creditor makes a claim, or a family member raises unexpected issues), our work related to those issues is an additional project. For more information on how this works, see our Probate and Estate Settlement FAQ.

Open-Ended Projects

Some projects are open ended—for example, we know from the beginning that there is a dispute among the family, or a difficult issue related to interpretation of a will or trust document. In those cases, providing a flat fee quote up front would not be fair to either us or our clients, since no one knows how much work will be necessary. Typically, open-ended projects are handled hourly. However, in some cases—particularly cases involving recovery of assets due a beneficiary—we offer to work for a percentage of the amount recovered.


All of our work starts with a free no-obligation consultation. Call us today to schedule.