Forming a small business

Package solutions


Our most popular solutions are a series of comprehensive startup packages for different types of businesses.  These solutions are designed to meet key business startup needs in a simple and cost-effective way.   


If you will be the sole owner, as your business lawyer we register your company name, help you put in place a basic contingency plan, and make sure you understand the necessary steps to maintaining the company's limited liability status.  We also work with you and your accountant to limit your tax exposure.  This is an easy, affordable process that if need be can be accomplished within one business day.  


For companies with multiple owners, as the company business attorney we also help the partners reduce their rights and obligations to each other to writing. This helps avoid misunderstandings between the partners by specifically allocating decisionmaking authority, profits and losses, and other financial rights.  It also includes detailed provisions protecting the partners and the company if a partner dies, becomes disabled, runs into trouble with creditors, or leaves the company for some other reason.  


For companies with multiple owners, our agreements between the partners are intended to protect both the business and the individual partners in an evenhanded way.  This allows all partners to enter into the business with confidence, knowing that both the company and their investment is protected. 


Custom solutions


For companies with a unique management or ownership structure, a need for a detailed succession plan, or other unique provisions specific to their business, we can create a custom plan tailored to precisely meet that company's need.  Where the terms of a custom agreement between multiple owners is particularly important, we also represent individual partners to ensure that partner's interests are protected.



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