Our Philosophy

A quick story about who we are

I (Mike) started out at a small firm in Wisconsin Rapids. The firm had nine lawyers back then. As a brand new lawyer, I got lots of questions from potential clients and family members that I didn't know the answers to. So I had to figure out which of the other eight lawyers might know the answers.


It turned out that most of the lawyers would know exactly what to do with an OWI, or where to start when someone wanted to get divorced. But for most of my questions from friends and family members--questions about settling an estate, getting wills, buying real estate, or putting together a business deal--the other lawyers would say "talk to Jeff."


Turns out Jeff was the guy who just took care of things. He didn't call it "essential legal needs" like we do, but it was the same idea. All sorts of different people came in and talked about their problem, and Jeff would help them work out a solution that made sense. And he had a great system behind him for making sure those solutions happened the way they were supposed to. 


Jeff was a really, really useful guy. And he built a really nice business around it. (Now he's retired.) 


This firm is an extension of Jeff's idea. We believe top quality essential legal services should be available and accessible to all people. We believe in a systems approach using the latest technology to handle matters quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. And we believe your lawyer should be a partner who works collaboratively to solve problems in a way that makes sense. 


The world needs more Jeffs. We're trying to help with that. 

Changing the client experience

Our commitment to a new way of doing business starts with the first meeting.  There is never any charge for an initial meeting with an attorney. During that meeting, we will work with you to understand your needs and review the available solutions.


Once we settle on a solution, we work with you to make sure it is implemented quickly and efficiently. In many cases, we can also provide a flat fee quote for the work to be done. In cases where the amount of work is undetermined, we do our best to make sure you understand the range of possible outcomes and likely costs. 

Focus on efficiency

We've made a tremendous investment of time and resources into our systems. A lot of our work--document preparation, follow-up communication--happens when clients aren't in the office. We use document assembly software, paperless office technology, the best task management system available, and constantly updated job boards to make sure our work is done in a correct and timely manner. 

Making solutions accessible

The greatest solutions in the world are of no use if no one can afford them.  We truly believe, for example, that no family with young children should go without an estate plan due to cost.  That's why our range of solutions always include affordable options that cover essential needs at a price point that is accessible for businesses and families on a budget.  

Solutions for essential needs are here

We are convinced that our model is a better way to do business.  Contact us to find out why. Better yet, don't take it from us--find out what our clients have to say. We look forward to showing you what it's like to work with a different kind of law firm. 

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