Step 1: Get appointed

Domiciliary letters make the personal representative

Being named personal representative in a will is a good start, but it's just that. Until someone is appointed personal representative by the probate court, no one has legal authority to act for the estate. That means getting domiciliary letters from the court. 

Your questions about probate, answered (for free)

The first step in any probate is to get informed. The internet is a good first step, but at some point, you will need to sit down with someone who can tell you exactly what probate will involve in your case.


That means an informational meeting. 


In our initial informational meeting, we first want to learn about your family and the estate to be administered. Once we know, we discuss your questions about administration. This includes discussion of options for getting appointed, what to do with personal property, what to do with real estate, what records need to be kept, and so on. There is no charge for this meeting, and the the goal is to give you a vision of what you will need to do and how we can help. 


Become personal representative

There are several different ways of becoming a court appointed personal representative. Most estates are handled through informal probate, which allows administration to take place without a court hearing. Other estates require a court hearing before anyone can be appointed personal representative. 


During our initial meeting, we discuss your options and decide on the best route for appointment. We then fill out all court pleadings necessary to appoint you personal representative, give proper notice to beneficiaries, and submit all paperwork to the appropriate register in probate. 


We know time is of the essence in getting probates started, so we use the latest technology to make sure appointment paperwork is ready for signature within one business day in most cases. 

Mike and his staff are amazing!  Extremely organized and detailed, they can get you results that make sense.  


- C.K., Stevens Point

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