Step 2: Wrap up the decedent's affairs

Step two is the legwork--all the work necessary to take care of property, pay final bills, close accounts, sell real estate, and do anything else necessary to close out the decedent's affairs. This is where our system really shines. 

A probate guide just for you

Your work starts with a written guide, fully customized for the estate you are administering. The guide includes:


  • Instructions and worksheets for taking care of final expenses, utilities, and income sources; 
  • Step by step instructions for administering each item of property, based on our plan; 
  • A tabbed binder to assist in record keeping; 
  • Detailed instructions of what records to keep; and
  • Worksheets to help keep track of bills, expenses, and deposits. 


We've had numerous clients tell us the guide gave them a confidence level in their work they never would have had without it. Sometimes, the guide we provide works so well that we only hear from clients once their work is finished. To our knowledge, no one else in the area provides this type of customized, complete solution. But we can't imagine trying to administer an estate without one. 

Backed up by the expertise you need

We love our guide, but we know no guide, no matter how good, is going to answer every question or solve every problem. That's why we're here, ready to give guidance when plans change and answer questions as they arise. We're also available to help with real estate sales and other asset transfers as needed. 


We think the combination of written guidance, with an experienced probate lawyer standing behind it, is the best way to handle this key step in a probate. 


Mike’s professionalism, attention to detail and vision were welcomed in our legal efforts.  


- B.T., Amherst Junction

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